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Zip Pouch Pixel Camo Large


The Pixel Camo zip pouch comes in a luxurious British velvet. The pattern is inspired by traditional camouflage prints seen across the catwalks and the streets. Our interpretation concentrates on working with classic camouflage colours whilst manipulating scale to create a print with a subtle contemporary edge. This versatile product makes a cool alternative to a travel bag, pencil case, toiletries, make-up bag or even carrying a sketchbook.

We want to see how you use it … share your style with us on Instagram.

Designed and made in England.

Colour: Black / Tan / Forest Green
Size: W30 x D4.5 x H18 cm
Inner Pocket
Outer: 80% Cotton Velvet / 10% Poly / 10% Modal
Lining: Black, 100% Waterproof Polyester
Dry clean only.

Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

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